Month: August 2014

In My Opinion: The Best Piece of Advice This New Mama Ever Received

If you’re a mom already, then you know that anyone and everyone freely offers up their suggestions on how to raise your child: strangers at the bus stop, your server at a restaurant, people sharing the elevator with you. And if you’re a mom-to-be, it’s probably even worse, because they probably feel like you don’t know anything. Sometimes, it seems… Read more →

A Pain in the You Know What: 5 Things That Helped This New Mama Recover

What was the hardest part about having a baby?  After all is said and done, it was definitely the recovery.   Everybody’s experience is different, of course.  For me, it wasn’t the first three months of almost-throwing-up (ugh, sometimes you would rather just throw up and get it over with instead of dry heaving or feeling everything come up and… Read more →