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This is us — my husBoo, my babyBoo, and me.


I thought I wanted to be a Speech-Language Pathologist, but on my way down that path, I ended up working at an Autism Centre.  There, I taught useful skills to preschool and schoolage kids that would help prepare them for school, and for life.  Everything I learned there (and I learned A LOT — from the staff and the kids)  gave me the tools and the confidence to embrace my next full-time gig: mom.


I’ve always been a big believer in signs — life experiences that lead you to where you’re supposed to be.  Even if you veer off-course, the Higher Power drops gentle reminders into your life to redirect you back down your chosen path.  For me, it’s being a mom to my son, bB (and to any other mini-me’s God chooses to bless us with).  How original, right?  The biggest cliché in the history of life, but I don’t care.  I am a proud Work-At-Home-Mom, and all my life experiences have prepared me for this role.


So, here I am — one son, eight nephews, four nieces, +5 years of clinical/volunteering-experience-with-kids-with-developmental-challenges later — with some pearls of wisdom that are honestly too good not to share… like a bag of sour cream and bacon chips.


Each one, teach one: I am really excited to pass on anything I’ve learned that has helped me grow as a parent and as a person, and I hope you will do the same.  When I was a new parent, reading other mommy-blogger stories in the middle of the night (those night-feeds were killer) connected me with these strong and hilariously witty women.  I felt it was only fair for me to give back to a community I took a lot from when I first started out.   My family and I are far from perfect, so I hope that my stories (the naps and the craps) show you that you’re not alone, you’re doing the best you can, and you can never stop learning and growing — nor should you.  Here is the post I’m most proud of.  I hope you find it helpful.  It has really stepped up my parenting game.


If you liked that, then please come back to visit and see what crazy antics my family and I are up to.  You can always shoot me an email — hello@arlooandboo.com — to share your feedback or experiences with me (so I know I’m not alone in this world of CRAZY).  Or you could subscribe to the email list: you’ll get updates wrapped in a lovely red bow conveniently delivered straight to your inbox (minus the wrapping in a lovely red bow part, clearly) so, busy or not, you’ll always be in the loop.   You might even learn a thing or two…


Anyhoo, happy reading!




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