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I Don’t Love My Kids

There we were — bB and I in a staring duel, both of us refusing to flinch first.  I asked him nicely to tidy up the playroom.  I even reminded him that I asked him nicely.  I’m about four-five seconds from wildin’, and his definitive “no” and light saber pointed right at me are sure to put me over the… Read more → - Supermoms Unite

Supermoms Unite!: My First Mothers Group Experience

I had been looking forward to yesterday for a couple of weeks now. I even marked it on my fridge calendar: “Mothers Group meeting at 8pm.”  I’ve wanted to get more involved in my church, so when Father Joseph mentioned during mass that a mothers group for our parish was forming, I knew this would be my ticket in!   We all sat quietly as the mom from my parish who initiated the group began the meeting by telling us about how we would be spending our hour together every month. But the real magic happened when we all took part in… Read more →


Happy New Year, friends!   No need to tell me what I already know: I’ve really been slacking on my blog.  Please be patient and stay with me because I’ve got a lot of new things coming — in terms of content, ideas, and experiences that I think you guys will find helpful.   I just wanted to take the… Read more →

Stickin’ To It!

I never thought of myself as a writer, but lately I have been seriously considering starting my own mommy blog (mat leave, YouTube, and TED Talks’ll do that to you).  So, I thought about it and thought about it… and thought about it some more.  I was finally convinced that I was gonna do it.  I gave myself a deadline… Read more →