Taking Work Home Can Be Good: 10 Work Strategies That Have Helped My Parenting


** As I sat down to write this post, I originally only had three things on my list.  One by one, I kept adding more and more strategies that I remembered using that would be helpful to apply at home.  Then it hit me — this will be my first series post. HIGH FIVE! **


Before I went on mat leave, I remember sitting around with my co-workers, telling them how excited I was to be a mom.  Of course, I was still nervous about having the responsibility of raising a life, but I honestly felt like my work prepared me for it (click here to read a little more about what I do at work).  Here are ten things my work has taught me that I have incorporated — or would like to, eventually — into my parenting style:


  1. Be consistent/follow throughlearn the power of your actions
  2. Only say it once: learn the power of your words
  3. Get your kids motivated: teach them to work hard for what they want
  4. Set your kids up for success: be more proactive, and less reactive
  5. Give your kids choices: let them know that they have a say, too
  6. Implement a routine: teach them to plan ahead and anticipate what’s coming next
  7. Ignore the behaviour, not the child: find an appropriate alternative
  8. Ask for help: your support system is there for a reason!
  9. Shake it off: don’t take everything personally
  10. Have fun!: after all, they’re just kids…


Realistically speaking, these rules will inevitably be broken on more than one occasion, and I have come to terms with that (I broke the #1 rule after just a week of motherhood).  I just think that it’s important to keep these points in the back of my head to remind myself that this journey is really all about creating a special bond with your kids, and strengthening an already-present bond with your family.  Yes, there will be trying times, but at the end of the day, isn’t the whole point of this parenting thing to raise our kids to be people we are proud of, people who respect others and who understand how powerful their words and actions can be?  It all starts with a good example.


** For my next posts, I’ll go into more detail about each tip.  I’ll show you guys how I used these strategies at work and even give some examples of how they can be carried out at home with your kids. **


If you already use some of these strategies, let me know how you’ve made them work for you.  Or add to the list —  I could always use more pointers…

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